Mountain Construction Featured in the Timberframe Plan Book

Readers and those wishing to view a home we designed that was published can get a copy of the Timberframe Plan Book by Michael Morris, and Dick Pirozzolo and skip to pages 74 thru 78 to view The Robbie House that we designed and built. You will see beautiful photographs of the home’s exterior and interior, shot by Frank Schmidt. We pride ourselves on the little things that make the big elements work.

According to Morris and Pirozzolo (2000), “It is often the little things that catch the eye and make the big elements work. Note how the vertical posts connect with the horizontal beams at a slight angle. The girts, or braces are milled with a sweeping arch at the lower side that gives them a look reflective of an oak tree. Notice how mouldings where the posts meet the floor soften the edges and create a transition point”, page 76.



Morris, M., & Pirozzolo, D. (2000). Timberframe Plan Book. Gibbs Smith Publisher.