Ideas for the Best Heat Pumps for Every Home – HVAC Efficiency Ratings for Heat and Cool

When it comes to selecting a heat pump for your home, understanding the difference between Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is crucial. These two metrics play a significant role in determining the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling system. The Climate Factor In regions with warmer climates, […]

Mountain Construction Featured in the Timberframe Plan Book

Readers and those wishing to view a home we designed that was published can get a copy of the Timberframe Plan Book by Michael Morris, and Dick Pirozzolo and skip to pages 74 thru 78 to view The Robbie House that we designed and built. You will see beautiful photographs of the home’s exterior and […]

How to Build a Log Timber Frame Sip Package Home

Despite modern innovations in architecture and building materials, homeowners are inexorably drawn back to the rustic charm of timber homes. There is something about the natural, cozy aspect of heavy timber siding that modern materials simply cannot match. To help customers achieve their dream timber home, providers such as Hearthstone Homes are able to maximize […]

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Oak Ridge National Laboratories Study on SIP Panels

A study implemented by the US Dept. of Energy’s – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has demonstrated that a 4-inch SIP panels outperforms 2″x4″ stick and batt construction. Not only that, it even outperforms 2″x6″ construction when comparing thermal performance. A SIP panels provides the structural components. There are no braces or studs to cause openings […]

Top 8 Reasons to Build a Hearthstone Home

1)  Money Back Guarantee: It is difficult to develop a guarantee or warranty for a log or timber frame home.  All of the ones we know about are just from third party warranty companies that are filled with legalese and loopholes. We can provide one of them just as easily as any other company. But, […]

The Top 6 Best Reasons to Build a Custom Barn

The traditional design and use of the “barn” have evolved tremendously over the years. However, no matter what, the feeling created by a barn structure continues to bring us back to our roots of yesteryear. Whether you prefer traditional style horse barns or modern barn home, these multi-purpose structures are hard to surpass. Any exterior look or architectural […]

Responsibilities of Owner and Contractor

POST BUILDING PERMIT NO INSPECTIONS WILL BE MADE IF BUILDING PERMIT IS NOT POSTED. CONSTRUCTION MUST COMMENCE IN A TIMELY MANNER. If construction has not commenced within 6 months of the permit issue date the permit will be invalid and fees shall not be refunded or applied to a new permit or if work is […]

Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

To receive a “Certificate of Occupancy” and move in to your new orremodeled home requires that Building Code specifications have been met. When it comes to windows and doors, these requirements often include terms like “egress”, ”tempering” and “DP ratings” that may be unfamiliar to you. “Egress” is the window size dictated for bedrooms with […]

Green Building

OFF THE GRID – ABLE TO FUNCTION IN GRID EMERGENCY “Before designing the home pictured above, I read one of Bill McKibben’s books and he speaks, at one point, about green features being planned into a home to every extent affordably possible. ‘If you cannot go off the grid, remain grid tied, and utilize every […]