The Importance of Structural Engineering

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us. Buildings and houses are made to endure massive loads as well as weather conditions and seasonal climate changes. The engineering aspect of the construction of these buildings deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Ensuring the structural […]

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Flash and Batt Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.Combining insulation options in the same cavity results in better yet more affordable thermal performance.Thanks to the advancements and proliferations of a wider selection of home insulation products, builders can optimize a bevy of available options to achieve the best thermal results and also […]

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Green Building Early Design Options

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.Green building practices include a variety of construction practices that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. For optimum efficiency these practices have to extend throughout the buildings life cycle which consist of: 1. Site preparation 2. Design 3. Construction 4. Operation 5. Maintenance 6. […]

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Forest Stewardship Council Ensures Sustainable Growth and Harvesting

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that is devoted to the responsible management of the world’s green areas and forests. They ensure that wood harvesting is practiced in an environmentally responsible and economically viable way.Landowners and Construction companies who sell and use […]

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Mountain Log and Timber Building

For a free consultation about all of your mountain log and timber needs contactMOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION TRADITIONAL LOG HOMES including LIVE EDGE LOG HOMES TIMBER FRAME HOMES POST AND BEAM HOMES We can provide Full Scribe ROUND LOG HOMES You can also do all kinds of timber detailing We can also do Heavy Timber workFor more information on Mountain Log and TimberCONTACT USMountain Construction […]

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Adirondack, Craftsman Style and Rustic hand crafted homes

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.Adirondack, Craftsman Style and Rustic hand crafted homes using the natural beauty of wood to create a unique home are sources of inspiration to us. There is a great tradition of building Natural Element homes in the Historic communities around Linville, Blowing Rock and […]

Aging In Place Designing

For more information on MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION please CONTACT US Aging in Place What “Aging in Place” refers to the continuation of living in a place where you have lived for years, regardless of age. This concept allows you continue to use products, services, and other conveniences, without relocating to a special needs community. When your […]

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Use Housewrap : Weather-resistant barriers protect buildings when installed correctly

By John D. Wagner Reprinted from Residential design + build magazine, July/August 2011Passing a residential construction job recently, I noticed the contractor was putting up siding before the housewrap was fully installed. As I watched, I realized he had no intention of installing the housewrap properly. He simply stapled it up, overlapped the seams 6 […]

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Home Grown: Building Smart, Sourcing Local

*Information provided by Mountain Lumber Co.The “Great Recession” has brought dynamic change to our economy, our lifestyles, and our prospective on the future of business. We’ve read the books, followed the blogs, tweeted, friended, and examined our personal goals and ambitions. The consensus? Business will not be as usual, there is a growing shift in […]

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Plan Seeks to Lessen Water Runoff

For information on MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION please CONTACT US*Reprinted from Charlotte Observer; April 2, 2011; Local and State Section; pg. B4By Nicole E. Smith nsmith@heraldonline.comThe city of Rock Hill’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan includes encouraging residents, churches, schools, businesses and community groups to install rain gardens in their yards.That goal got a little more within reach during […]