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Hearthstone Timber Frame Homes

Timber framing is just the kind of traditional craft that we at Hearthstone specialize in. Meticulously practiced for centuries as the preferred method of building construction, the trade and traditions mostly died in the early 1900s as steel mills, high-production saw mills, wire nails, and mass production psychology replaced the art and craft of Timberframing, […]

Mountain Construction uses natural elements in a custom home construction.

Construction Consultation Services Outline

MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION CONSULTATION SERVICESWhy use a Pre-Construction Management Consultant?A consultant will represent the client’s interest above all else in reviewing all of the preconstruction services, including site planning, design concept and goals, cost analysis, engineering and much more.Pre-Construction Management ensures that all project costs represent the client’s interests and goals while offering the best value. […]

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Hearthstone of Boone Timber Frame Subcontract Services

Hearthstone NC provides full Timber Frame and SIP Home subcontract services. We work with home owners, builders and architects to create the Timber Frame or SIP home package ideal for each client. Our services include full working drawings and dry-in erection services, including crane rental, and unmatched quality. HearthStone has a full service design staff and provides full […]

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Why Should I Seal My Crawl Space?

In certain climates, a sealed crawl space is recommended for many reasons. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or near a water source, you have water evaporating from the dirt under your house. If your crawl space is unventilated, this moisture is trapped under the house and has nowhere […]

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Custom Mountain Homes Details and Specifications

Builders hear it all of the time: What does it cost per sq.ft. to build? Though there are “rules of thumb” regarding cost per sq.ft. each builder who is asked this question probably has a different list of what is included in that “Cost Per Sq.Ft.” that a client prospect has in mind.TURN-KEY CONSTRUCTION COSTS PER […]

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LED: An Energy Efficient Lighting Option

LED (light emitting diode) technology was first developed in the early 1960s. For many years it was used primarily as indicator lighting in electronic devices. New technology allows us to use it for household lighting as well.Household LED lighting is growing in popularity due to the energy efficiency it provides to home owners. A household […]

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What is a Site Plan?

  According to Wikipedia:A site plan is an architectural plan, landscape architecture document, and a detailed engineering drawing of proposed improvements to a given lot. A site plan “usually shows a building footprint, travelways, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping and garden elements.”Such a plan of a site is a […]

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Comparing Quotes for Log and Timber Frame Homes

COMPARE YOUR QUOTES CAREFULLYRemember, pre-cut home packages are not necessarily all the same! We suggest that you compare the packages very closely to determine what materials are being offered, the services performed by the company and the stability and credit worthiness of the company. If there is a large difference in the package prices, be […]

The Importance of Structural Engineering

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.Buildings and houses are made to endure massive loads as well as weather conditions and seasonal climate changes. The engineering aspect of the construction of these buildings deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Ensuring the structural integrity […]

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Flash and Batt Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

For more information about MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION and a free consultation CONTACT us.Combining insulation options in the same cavity results in better yet more affordable thermal performance.Thanks to the advancements and proliferations of a wider selection of home insulation products, builders can optimize a bevy of available options to achieve the best thermal results and also […]