Wind Load” and other engineering requirements – NC Licensed Engineers Stamped Plans

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Buildings and houses are made to endure massive loads as well as weather conditions and seasonal climate changes. The engineering aspect of the construction of these buildings deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Ensuring the structural integrity is a main focus of the engineering industry, especially when it comes to the structure's safety. When designing a building, a structural engineer must satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety (e.g. structures must not collapse without due warning) or performance and serviceability (e.g. the movement of a building/house must not provide discomfort to occupants).

Structural engineering is extremely important in the design of a house or a building that is to be constructed on a site in the mountains. The terrain can be unforgiving and at times a site and future structure may require a unique design to allow the building to be placed in the desired location. Heavy precipitation, such as rain and snow, is common in mountainous areas providing large loads to a house. When building at higher elevations, high winds are also to be accounted for, as they also provide stresses to a house's structural elements.

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The 2009 footnotes to the mountain wind velocity table have been eliminated and the mountain wind speeds for 2012 are based on first floor finish elevation as follows:

Less than 2,700 feet
2,700 to less than 3,000 feet
3,000 to less than 3,500 feet
3,500 to less than 4,500 feet
4.500 feet or greater
90mph 100 mph 110mph 120 mph
130 mph
90 mph= DP 20.217
100 mph= DP 24.96
110 mph= DP 30.201
120 mph= DP 35.942
130 mph= DP 42.182