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by Mark Kirkpatrick, owner of MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION

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lake james nc energy efficientThe environmental benefits of using Green Building as part of your Green Lifestyle can be incorporated into the design of your home through the use of Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs. SIPs provide up to twice the insulation value of conventionally framed walls insulated with fiberglass. They are also stronger, straighter and present a more finished appearance. With the planet's resources depleting and the cost of energy rising, being "green" has gained an increased importance in the way we live. What makes a building green?

Green Building is the growing movement to build homes and commercial buildings in such a way as to decrease their impact on the environment both during the construction process and throughout the lifetime of the building. The goal of green building is to build structures that are environmentally sustainable, using as little as possible of the earth's non-renewable natural resources.


Green buildings reduce environmental impact through the following practices:

-Energy efficiency and renewable energy
-Use of environmentally preferable building materials
-Waste reduction during the construction process
-Healthy indoor environments
-Water conservation
-Environmentally conscious site planning

By incorporating these elements into a building, architects, builders, and homeowners can reduce the building's impact on the environment and lead the way to a sustainable future.

The construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings consume a tremendous amount of energy and resources.

In the United States, buildings account for:

  • 65% of electricity consumption
  • 30% of raw materials use
  • 30% of greenhouse gas emissions

Building green is important to the protection of ecosystems, to maintain safe air and water quality and to

New solar panel technology

solar panels

conserve renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Energy efficiency and resource conservation play a key role in foreign policy and national security. Less energy spent in the construction and operation of America's buildings means less dependence on imported petroleum products.
In addition to these environmental benefits, purchasing a green building has many economic advantages. Energy and water efficient buildings have lower operating costs. Green buildings typically have a higher appraisal value and owners may qualify for Energy Efficient Mortgages.

Green building follows a building systems approach. This theory acknowledges that a building operates as a complex web of systems, including the building envelope, heating equipment, cooling equipment, photovoltaic cells, insulation, air and vapor barriers, and roofing, among others. The building systems approach focuses on the successful integration of these systems to work together for the highest possible performance in a building.

Inadequately integrated systems, such as high end photovoltaic cells coupled with low efficiency windows, will not be successful at saving energy because the energy gained through the solar cells is lost through the windows. Another example of a non-integrated building is a high efficiency, air tight building envelope, and a ventilation system not specified to properly remove moisture from the building.

Building green is more than specifying green products or using more insulation. It involves a carefully planned incorporation of all building systems.

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