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Home Grown: Building Smart, Sourcing Local

*Information provided by Mountain Lumber Co.

The "Great Recession" has brought dynamic change to our economy, our lifestyles, and our prospective on the future of business. We've read the books, followed the blogs, tweeted, friended, and examined our personal goals and ambitions. The consensus? Business will not be as usual, there is a growing shift in consumer demands and expectations, and our priorities as a culture are changing. Burnt by debt and disillusioned by the quest for bigger and better, we're seeing signs of a culture ready to retreat from relentless consumerism towards a lifestyle with greater focus on family, friends, and community. There is a new normal. But it can be even better than the boom years we're all guilty of reminiscing.

At Mountain Lumber, we've decided to stop looking in the rear view and start focusing on what's ahead. From construction techniques to daily business practices, all signs lead to sustainability. What can we do to ensure our local economy thrives against global competition? How can we ensure the basic resources we depend on for life, for recreation, for economy, will be around for our grandchildren? In what ways can the building trade support a community that has given us so much?

Sustainable building is about using our resources wisely, choosing durable well made goods that last over cheap imitations, and making smart buying decisions that support our community. A sustainable building supply's products and services should do just that. So over the next several months we're working to incorporate products made in North Carolina into every category of building material. If it's not made in North Carolina, then we'll look to a radius of 250 miles, settling at last, for made in the U.S.A. Our team is working hard to find new products from local sources, already scoring big with North Carolina products such as Framer Series Lumber, Windsor Windows and Doors, Bark House materials and bark siding, Appalachian Lumber wood flooring, Resource Wood mantles and slabs, and Mountain Works Draftwood to name a few. And we're not stopping there. From nails to architectural finishes, tools to siding, we're scouring every inch of home construction. New to our 2011 line up of Made in the U.S.A. product offerings are Bully Tools, Douglas Hammers, Maze Nails, and Kolbe R5 triple glazed windows.
We believe that if you live in the mountains, build in the mountains, love the mountains, why shouldn't your house be of these mountains.

Mountain Construction is a full service custom builder offering Log, Timber Frame, Structural Insulated Panels nationally as well as local New Construction of any type and Remodeling and Restoration services. We also now offer Commercial Building Services. We are NAHB Certified Green Professionals


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