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Log Home Construction and Maintenance, Part III: Delivery Day

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Reprinted from Hearthstone, Inc.'s Construction and Maintenance Manual © 1999

Introduction: Knowing how to prepare for delivery and properly stack and store building materials is important. Certain materials and services must be secured before delivery day. If you have followed the requirements, you will be prepared when the delivery truck arrives with your new Hearthstone home. Your sales representation should be contacted if you have any questions.

1. Customer Involvement: Several items are your responsibility to build or have ready on delivery day to expedite the package erection.

Temporary Electricity: An electric service entrance must be available on delivery day. It takes time to get power into a new home site so apply early for an electrical hook-up. Be sure to comply with all local code requirements concerning temporary power connections. An electric power source of 110 volts with a minimum of 15 amps must be available within 100 feet from the furthest extremity of the foundation.

Shed Dormer Walls: If your home has a shed dormer, the shed dormer walls must be built prior to rafter erection. If you have purchased the dormer stud framing and plywood material from Hearthstone, we will build the shed dormer wall(s). If shed dormer wall materials are purchased locally the homeowner will be responsible for having shed dormer walls built and ready for erection on the delivery day. The erection crew can erect the shed dormer wall with a crane prior to erecting the shed dormer rafters. Information and dimensions for the proper construction of shed dormer walls can be provided by your sales representative.

2. The Final Payment: To ensure delivery of your home, you must adhere to the Payment Schedule Terms specified in your Purchase Agreement. The final payment in the form of a cashier's check, certified check or money order is due upon arrival of the first truck load of materials to your job site. The truck drivers are instructed not to off load until the Final Payment is received. If the correct final payment has been mailed and credited in full before delivery, no additional payment will be requested on delivery except for any additional services or materials that may have been ordered since the payment was received. If you have any questions about the Final Payment, be sure to consult your sales representative before delivery day.

3. Split Shipments: Most Hearthstone homes require more than one truck load for delivery. In the event that shipments do not arrive at the same time (what we call a split-shipment), the Final Payment is due upon arrival and prior to unloading the First Shipment.

4. Delayed Shipment: Occasionally, shipments will not contain certain items such as windows, doors or screens, etc. If such materials are not in inventory and shipment of logs must be made to meet the scheduled delivery day, a form will accompany the shipment notifying the customer in writing of this backorder. The item(s) will be shipped as soon as possible.

5. Inventory and Organization of Materials:

Check Off and Inspection: Upon delivery you or your builder will be responsible to check the materials against the un-erected materials list provided with each package to make certain that everything has been included in the delivery. All un-erected materials on the truck are more accurately inventoried after they have been unloaded, sorted and properly stacked. Care should be taken not to damage or scar materials during unloading. If anything arrives damaged, report this immediately to your sales representative. Any shortages must be noted in writing within 10 days on the material list and returned to your sales representative for proper action. Please take a few moments to discuss this important responsibility with your sales representative.

NOTE: Hearthstone and their vendors are not responsible for the cost of replacing any items NOT noted in writing as being missing or damaged within 10 days.

Site Storage of Un-Erected Materials: Certain materials such as windows, porch posts, porch beams, porch rafters, knee braces, mantels, hardboard splines, gaskets and Perma-Chink®; will not be needed on delivery day. Anticipate the procedures of construction and the order in which you will be using the un-erected materials. Develop a good storage plan before the truck arrives and place materials needed first closer to the foundation. Materials that will not be needed until later should be safely stacked and stored in a separate place on the building site, or elsewhere, and protected against weather damage, breakage and on-site theft. It is a good idea to have plenty of plastic, straw and scrap wood available to protect your materials. Utility grade wood can be obtained from your local lumber yard for air spacing timber. Six mil plastic is practical for covering materials.

Air-Stack Hewn Materials: Un-erected timber should be air-stacked off the ground and away from damp or muddy locations. Timbers must be kept clean and dry. Stack wood materials with spacers (1" rough sawn boards will do just fine for this job) so that air can flow between them to prevent moisture damage. Separate the hewn wood materials as to use and order of use when they are unloaded. This will make access easier and provide more convenient handling for most pieces. Short lengths of logs may be strategically placed on the subfloor if care is taken not to overload the floor joists.

Perma-Chink®;, Hardware and Spline Materials: Extra care should be taken to keep materials such as Perma-Chink®, hardware (spikes, nails, window accessories such as screens and grilles) and spline material in a safe dry place. It is advisable to read the manufacturer's suggestions for storing Stain and Perma-Chink®. Extremely hot and freezing temperatures may have an adverse effect on the material's quality. Note: Do not allow any Stain to freeze.

Off-loading Client Erected Homes: If a customer elects to purchase the package un-erected, provisions must be made by the customer to unload the tractor trailer truck. Contact your sales representative for details.

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