Sustainable Wood Products:

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Most lumber products used in the construction of homes can travel thousands of miles before reaching the job site. Southeastern United States is home to some of the most beautiful species of lumber. White pine, oak, and cypress are just some of the species indigenous to the area and readily available for your next timber frame.

Every year, three to four billion board feet of usable lumber is thrown away or disposed of unsustainably. We make every effort to use Southeastern sources for lumber supplies for our conventional and timber framed homes. When we are clearing a site before beginning construction, instead of having large diameter trees chopped up for fire wood, a more sustainable option that we prefer is to have the trees milled into beautiful slabs and timbers for use in the new home. One appealing aspect of custom milled timber products is that each product we build is one of a kind and has unique character. We salvage dead and storm damaged trees from sites that would normally be declared as waste.

We are located in the heart of the High Country and are making every effort to immerse ourselves in the green movement, Mountain Construction emphasizes the use of sustainable wood products by providing customers with custom milled timbers and slabs. By using our lumber recycled from previous projects or lumber from a future site, you are supporting a local sustainable business and giving a tree destined for waste a second life. Whether you're a homeowner searching for a specialty lumber product to enhance your existing home or a contractor looking for quality, ready to install timber products, Mountain Construction can serve all your needs on slabs and timbers.

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